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Capable when the situation requires technical expertise, real world experience and and the need for constant communication. In house project leadership or technical architecture that requires an understanding of business processes. Excellent cross organization communication skills, team building and ability to understand business problems in a variety of industries. Extensive experience as an independent consultant and as in enterprise pre-sales for software products.

Specialties: Communications with other groups, customers and stakeholders including presentations and discussions. Conceptual presentations and inter and intra organizational evangelism. Software development, medium or large system design, team construction, process mentoring, design for production, troubleshooting. Object oriented systems, distributed and pragmatic architecture. Bringing passion to a project or process. Agile methods.

Professional Experience

Application and Cloud Architect (Financial)

2015(Dec)-Present FINRA, Rockville MD

  • Architect and technical lead in Member Regulation data intake application development and cloud migration. Migrated tier 1 applications from on-premises data center to Amazon AWS integration with EC2, IAM and RDS. Implemented private branded S3 for data capture. Drove team source code migration to GIT including software quality, CI and CD changes.Oversaw migration from on-prem Oracle to Amazon RDS Postgres.
  • Application architecture member of Enterprise Architecture. Delivered network topology and application architecture for internally and externally exposed applications and REST services. Implemented server, container and serverless solutions. Wrote and delivered new designs and dashboards for logging and monitoring integration including Splunk and AppDynamics.

Application Architect, Technical Lead (Auto Insurance)

2012(March)-2015(Dec) Geico, Chevy Chase MD

  • Managed enterprise deployment for Mule Service bus and associated messaging products. Deployed tools and applications both in the on-prem data center and in Microsoft Azure. Enterprise Service Bus working groups and Software Productivity efforts across Directors and AVPs. Primary technical lead for enterprise level implementation of RabbitMQ messaging and Mulesoft, Mule ESB for Hybrid cloud architecture including on premises and Azure (IaaS).
  • Program and Application level architecture moving mainframe and Java application. to to Azure based Windows .Net platform. The target system is a multi-line policy system with a multi-product mobile-first focus. Technical and architectural for mid-sized development effort with responsibilities in multi-system design.
  • Architecture exploration and implementation lead for MongoDB NoSQL stores for insurance contract and customer data with temporal database components, Project lead using Microsoft Azure IaaS, distributed messaging with NServiceBus, RabbitMQ and caching. Application Lifecycle Management with emphasis on Agile team methods. Team scrum-master supporting multiple product owners using tooling based on Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio including SaaS. Coordinated and participated in architectural spikes with mixed platforms including C# , Java and PaaS and SaaS messaging.

Agile Trainer

2013-Present FreemanSoft. DC

  • Work with local Agile training providers acting as TDD, BDD, Agile facilitator/trainer.

Systems Engineer SpringSource Division Federal

2011(July)-2012(March) VMWare. DC

  • Pre-sales engineering, in the Mid Atlantic, for SpringSource including Platform as a Service, Private and Public PaaS, cloud development, application services and development platform and tools. Focused on application development, java application containers (Tomcat) caching (Gemfire, SQLFire), messaging (RabbitMQ), Cloud Development (CF) Supported tooling and techniques for application development and system design. Created and delivered business solution and product information in Webinars, one on one and for large groups. Involved with product Proof of Concept development.

Design Lead, Developer, Mentor (Auto Insurance)

2007(Jan)-2011(June) Geico, Chevy Chase MD

  • Primary application architect, design and technical lead for web based Intranet and Internet customer service application. The application unified two different architectures into single unified customer service platform with a staff of 30 developers. Helped design and build large team medium size 650K LOC, 100+VM systems with distributed network cache, multiple data sources and web services. Standardized software design and development including Hudson continuous integration and Sonar metrics. Architect for multiple simultaneous development branches under multiple managers and for continuous integration, instrumentation and systems structure resulting in supportable applications. Application volume grew 90% between the time of first release and current release. Implemented caching strategy that removed 50 million backend system calls per month. Java/JSF/BPM/Blaze/Spring based project started on Websphere and migrated to JBoss.

Group Architect and Software Process Lead

2006(March)-2006(December) Fannie Mae Herndon VA

  • Development / Architecture lead for Home Mortgage servicing operation for new applications and software process. Primary focus on implementation of repeatable process while creating unified tools and frameworks. Recruited team, developed processes, implemented integrated process using version control, bug tracking, unit testing including coverage, peer reviews. Integrated with corporate directives in requirements and testing. Ran technical leadership group that owned all aspects of the software process all projects in the group. Worked with S/OX effort related to software change management.

Team Lead, Architect

2005(June)-2006(March) Geico, Chevy Chase MD

  • Architectural and analysis lead for application of business rule engine to computer aided placement and automated reconciliation process in the auto insurance industry. Primary analyst for conversion of code based business rules into industry standard rule engine. Designed and built J2EE integration layer that supported the corporate standard for data and code protection. The same integration components were later applied to major systems re-engineering effort. Selected and trained team that supported additional development and implementations

Manager, Architect, Team Lead, Mentor

2000(June)-2005(June) Fannie Mae, Washington DC

  • Lead architect for Java J2EE/EJB based implementation of loss mitigation systems for nation's largest home mortgage institution including five applications that manage pre and post foreclosure process. Managed tasking and skills improvement for mixed skills team. Ran design and code reviews and enforced unit testing strategy. Managed UI and business rule development teams. Managed business development stream for of two of the four projects. Coordinated and hired contract staff. Communicated with and helped train other groups on design and implementation issues. Created presentations outlining architecture and approach for senior management, other teams, enterprise architecture group and developers. Managed requirements meetings and negotiated with business users at many levels. Included 60 staff members, over 20 developers and over 1.2 million lines of java source. Helped design and construct system hosted on WebLogic/Solaris working on Oracle database. Built common framework used across 10 different loss mitigation applications. Implemented web interface for external users, SWING for over 600 internal users and batch interfaces for external systems on top of EJB services. Web application supported accesses controls and profiles based on customer type and individual characteristics for both internal and external users. Designed web framework, SWING application/GUI infrastructure, administrative system and instrumentation for support of the production systems. Designed and built integrated web and swing security framework including administrative capabilities. Worked to implement continuous testing practices to provide ongoing metrics about program's progress and quality.
  • Technical lead and user liaison for next generation quality control system as part of process re-engineering. Managed portions of project plan related to project scope. Includes internal and external users. Created and managed technical tasks for all developers.

Director Field Engineering

2000(March)-2000(June) Crater of a Startup, Phoenix AZ

  • Director of presales engineering. Managed nationwide group of presales systems engineers for startup corporation. Responsible for presentations and positioning of J2EE base development platform and accounting system to customers in a variety of markets.

Architect, Development Lead

1998(July)-2000(March) Fannie Mae, Washington DC

  • Lead architect for web based implementation of large auto insurance company's internet based real time insurance quotation system. Created application structure that enables business user maintainability through use of a Java rule engine. Created the high level design for multi-tier system based on Netscape Application Server (NAS), Oracle, Neuron Data Elements Advisor that leveraged existing corporate middleware. Designed multi-layer application model based on business rule, application and presentation partitioning. Coordinated the implementation of this model with a multi person development team. Designed powerful HTML template engine that is directly accessible from inside RETE based rule engine and from general purpose Java code. Created rule flows and business object model in Elements Advisor that will be used across multiple applications. Created the framework and initial rule set for the online quotation system. Provided design and analysis for resource planning across multiple releases. Coordinated developers who created Java based HTML template engine, database caching layers and business rule interface layers. Coordinated requirements gather and communication between business users and the engineering team. Managed eight successful releases in eight months.

Senior Systems Engineer, Servers and Application Development

1996(July)-1998(March) Netscape. Bethesda MD

  • Started as a senior pre-sales engineer with Netscape Federal Sales group in presales engineering role. Gave presentations, talks and training on Netscape web servers, email products, application servers and e-commerce products. Acted as backup resource on security and encryption related issues. Became senior SE for the Mid Atlantic Telecom region. Acted as primary Systems Engineer for the Mid Atlantic telecom and ISP sales team. Sales team exceeded targets every year. Gave presentations on internet security methods, web applications, and deployment architectures, application infrastructure, and e-commerce applications. Created many customized presentations that blended technology and customer business issues with a focus on solving business problems. Configured and installed large messaging, commerce and other web based applications. Worked with Professional Services to resolve technical issues and increase customer satisfaction. Coordinated major account support resources. Built prototypes for customers. Received sales awards from sales management for team contributions. Received award from Netscape tools engineering for work done on Netscape Visual JavaScript design and development.

Independent Software Consultant

1993-Present NC/MD

President and Senior Architect

1993(April) – 1996(June) FreemanSoft Inc. Raleigh NC

  • Started consulting business based on Object oriented analysis, design and development experience. Created reusable spreadsheet component in Objective-C that was sold several banks and hospitals. Created shared whiteboard application used on Hubbell telescope repair mission. Worked on options trading system middle-ware for multi-national bank in Chicago. Primary function was optimization of middle-ware data server in portfolio management system. Primary object architect for a team that designed integrated reservation system at large amusement and theme company in Orlando. Helped McCaw Cellular evaluate migration of end point cell phone purchasing system to new architecture. Upgraded and enhanced Chicago based electronics and paging manufacturer's email based document routing and approval system. Ported NeXT Computer's Portable Distributed Objects application infrastructure to the HP platform. Acted as NeXT Object Expert at customer sites. Responsibilities included design, mentoring, knowledge transfer and development. Proposed NeXT's WebObjects that became the industry's first application middle-ware layer for the web. Acted as architect and designer for FNMA's new application middle ware layer as part of the FNMA object factory. Designed meta-data driven control architecture for application layer.
  • Developed TCP/IP shared network based whiteboard before the advent of the Internet. Lead architect for meta-data driven application architecture used in building forms based applications. Builder of email based document routing and approval system. Generated original model and requirements for NeXT Computer's Web Objects application engine. Developed message routing protocol for integrating mainframe, midrange and PCs in a major telecom company. Built multi-document drawing program in Java.

National Systems Engineer

1989(March) – 1993(April) NeXT Computer Inc. Raleigh NC

  • Opened up the NC and SC territories as part of NeXT's first team in the Carolinas. Developed several demonstrations that shipped with NeXT workstation products including postscript post processing application, real time graphic equalizer, object toolboxes and demonstration object palettes. Worked with sales reps to run tradeshow events, group presentations and other sales events. Promoted to National account (SWAT) team with eastern US responsibilities. Backed up local and regional technical resources. Acted as engineering and product marketing liaison. Developed presentations and slide shows for NeXT sales force. Did knowledge transfer as part of customer mentoring process. Received multiple sales achievement awards.

Regional Systems Engineer

1985(Jan) – 1989(March) Hewlett Packard Raleigh NC

  • Presales support engineer for HP technical products. Acted as primary technical resource for HP logic analyzer and digital oscilloscopes. Ran multi stop road seminars across the southeast. Primary support engineer for HP embedded system development tools, electronic design tools and emulators. First UNIX systems engineer the NC, SC, TN and AL area for the new HP300 and 800 series workstations. Developed HP's first X-Windows demonstration set. Installed the Southeast Region's first internet and UUCP connection. Installed SSR Eastern Region's first TCP/IP network. Received sales contributor award.


  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Azure environments and their usage for development teams for both PaaS and IaaS. .Net experience with C#, visual studio and other tools.
  • Design and technical aspects of VMWare and Pivotol technologies including distributed and NoSQL data, messaging, virtual networks and machines and cloud environments
  • Certified Scrum master. Experience with Java, XHTML ,HTML,client side JavaScript, C, Server Side JavaScript and Objective-C, Netscape and Microsoft and with Java-COM via Jacob. Integrated continuous integration into development process using Hudson and provided team metrics using Sonar, Cobertura, PMD, Findbugs and Checkstyle for large (500,000+ LOC) projects traditionally developed projects. Coordinated active open source project for 6 years. Worked with Java IDEs including Eclipse, JBuilder, NetBeans. Large project experience with maven. Worked with Ant, CruiseControl and CVS. Implemented integrated continuous testing strategy using Junit, Clover, and Cruise Control. Experience with Spring and Spring AOP integrated into existing architectures. Limited experience with Hibernate. Experience with JBoss BPM for application control integrated with JSF application. Designed and implemented complex web based system using Fair Isaac (Blaze) rule engine.
  • Designed and implemented systems based on WebLogic J2EE EJB container and Apple Web Objects (early versions). Trained in network security, SSL, public/private key encryption, object signing, digital authentication and authorization. Trained in the use of proxy servers and other internet security components. Managed requirements gathering as part of consulting services using use case and other techniques. Knowledge transfer from development and design groups to line development teams, and end users. Object architect and process mentor using OOD, OOA, and OOP tools including Rational Rose. Developer of commercial object based components. Programming and system management experience with Netscape's Enterprise web server, mail server, LDAP directory server and application development tools. Knowledge of directory and meta directory design based on LDAP. RDB design and management experience with Informix, SQL Anywhere, Sybase and Oracle. Experience with Sybase's Data Architect and other relational database tools. Experience with Windows 7, Mivsta, MacOS, Linux. Dusty knowledge of Fortran, Basic, over 20 assembler languages, real time kernels and embedded systems.
  • Coordinated the design and construction of multiple person projects. Acted as primary interface with business users and requirements gatherers. Designed and helped a model based online insurance quotation system using custom Java code and Neuron Data Elements Advisor business rule engine. Created an architecture that lets the rule engine control the flow, validation and presentation construction of the otherwise Java based application. Designed and coordinated the implementation of the web transaction work flow, the application model, presentation layout and business rule organization. Provided analysis and evolutionary plan across multiple releases.
  • Ten years experience as part of field technical sales. Hundreds of presentations in front of groups ranging 2 to 500 people. Seminar speaker and instructor. Technical evangelist for new products. Provided interntal technical training across groups. Graduate of Sandler Systems and Miller Hieman selling classes. Evaluated technical and business fit for new technology and products. Instructor for technology transfer to customers and other departments. Experience selling to internal and external customers. Account management and customer relations for local, regional and national accounts. Ability to net out the options and consequences of action during the decision making process. Able to relate technology issues and values to non-technical audiences.


Master of Science, Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

University of Florida Gainesville FL

  • Graduate assistant running undergraduate embedded processors labs.
  • Graduate assistant high end CAE/CAD facility
  • Primary focus on digital systems and software integration.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (BSCS)

University of Florida Gainesville FL

  • Graduated with Honors
  • Worked in CIS computer service center